<aside> 🚀 If you are applying to be a part of the Founder’s Bootcamp, please keep in mind the following best practices to increase your chances of being selected.


🌳 Think long term

Having hacker experience is a plus, but this is NOT a hackathon. We believe in investing in sustainable efforts which compound over time and intend to incentivise builders who want the build for the long term.

🌏 Zoom out

A good chunk of web3 solutions being built right now are infrastructure related and we highly appreciate technical/developer applicants, but it’s important to zoom out and understand if there is a market for the product you want to build. We will help you figure this out through the bootcamp and we expect applicants to give this enough importance.

The same applies for non-technical applicants. The importance of having a technical understanding of the problem you’re trying to solve can’t be over-emphasised. If you’re not a developer, we will help you find a technical counterpart but we suggest you start your search ASAP.

🧩 Integration feasibility

Kleros’ optimistic workflows powered by a Schelling point driven mechanism can be used for a myriad of use-cases. Integrations can be as simple as consuming subgraph data of decentralised curated registries (existing or new depending on your use-case) or as complex as building an entirely new arbitrable application.

Give some thought to what part of your solution stack can be powered by Kleros.