<aside> πŸ’° There is a discretionary funding/prize pool of $150k and incubation for 3 months available for the best builders-projects through the Bootcamp.

We encourage applicants to look at this program as an opportunity to build the foundation for a long term venture, rather than as a hackathon or a bounty.


πŸš€Β Grand prize

β†’ $50,000 investment

πŸ† Second Place

β†’ $25,000 investment

🌳 FI Core Incubation

β†’ For the top 5-10% of the cohort (depending on the quality of cohort and progress displayed through the Bootcamp), Founder Institute is offering its flagship incubation resources & program for free.

πŸ€” Discretionary Prizes

β†’ 3 months of incubation @ The Block Lisboa by the Kleros Incubator for promising projects (not guaranteed for winners either - depends on the progress and clarity displayed by participants through the Bootcamp)

β†’ More $$ investment ($10-50k) if the Kleros Panel / any partner believes that more than 2 teams deserve to be supported in their building journey.