Name Expertise Designation / Project Twitter / LinkedIn
Lluis Bardet Growth, Identity, VC Chief Growth Officer @ Fractal ID
0xJustice DAOs, Governance DAO Ecosystem Development @ Polygon Labs
Angelina Russel Community, Growth Founding Team & Chief of Staff @ Alchemy
Karim Halabi Tokenomics, Token Design Tokenomics @ Outlier Ventures
Kirsten Pomales Early Founder, Governance, Ecosystem Design Founder @ TalentLayer
Sandra Tusin VC, Founder Founder @ Breakthrough Capital Telegraph Top 100 Entrepreneur
Aleksi Loytynoja Founder CEO @ Kleoverse
Milan Jandik Founder, Engineering CEO @ Frictionless
Marlene Ronstedt Oracles, Founder, Product, Marketing, Comms HyperOracle
Vishwa Mehta Early Founder, Developer Relations, Community Co-Founder @ Proof of Word
Erik Nilsson Product Design, UX Product Design @ MetaMask